The following album length playlists are currently available to listen to free in their entirety on Soundcloud. Hit the Links to Feel the Fear.

Amy Fear LP5

  1. Kim N Kanye
  2. Dream In Colour
  3. Annabelle By The Wishing Well
  4. Two Minutes Of Hate
  5. The Darkest Heart
  6. Agnostic Astronaut
  7. I Hadn’t Understood
  8. Silence Isn’t Golden
  9. Not Today, Never Again
  10. I Trust The Green Light

Amy Fear LP4 –

  1. The Ballad Of How The Ship Came To Be Stuck Inside The Bottle
  2. Up Against The Wall
  3. Misanthropic Protest Song
  4. Far From Pain
  5. The Staircase Of Your Spine
  6. Loneliness Feels The Same For Us All
  7. Why Wait?
  8. Bring Out Your Dead
  9. Keep The Peace
  10. Make War To Me
  11. Beauty Sleep
  12. Set The Dark Free
  13. Are You In Love?

Amy Fear LP3

  1. Dead Beats
  2. Mirrors And Smoke
  3. Skeleton Men
  4. I Dream Of Tesla
  5. Hot 4 U
  6. The Stab Of Love
  7. Herko Out The Window
  8. Office Jobs
  9. Letters To Zizek
  10. How Much I Love You
  11. Too Old Too Soon
  12. Hymn To Heterodoxy

Amy Fear LP2

  1. Prelude To Transgression
  2. Valentina Of The Cosmos
  3. Radioactive
  4. Harder Not Faster
  5. All Three Sisters
  6. Without Warning Something Sublime
  7. Find The Time
  8. Romantic Fiction
  9. America Loves You Frankenstein
  10. Gimme The Fear

Amy Fear LP1 –

  1. Torn Sleeve
  2. John Holmes Blues
  3. The Panic And The Nausea
  4. Didactic On The Dancefloor
  5. Androids Of Love
  6. When Wendy Grew Up
  7. Being And Nothingness
  8. The Speed Of Lies
  9. What The Ship Wreck Said To The Sea
  10. Young Astronomers