is the virtual home of the impossible band Amy Fear.

A long distance musical love affair between three friends living in Boston (USA), Brisbane (Australia) and Brighton (UK), since forming in early 2012 the band has never met face to face, communicating solely by songs transmitted through the ether. With no presence in the material world Amy Fear doesn't have to lift heavy amps and is free to indulge every creative whim. occupies the epicentre of this trans-global collaboration and exists as a signpost to other corners of the interweb where traces of Amy Fear can be found. also hosts archive audio and visual material relating to the band's history and friendship. Narcan is the founder of MyFaultMusic and the voice of Amy Fear whose lo-fi solo recordings number in the hundreds. Ambulance is an earlier incarnation of the band remembered fondly by those who witnessed their frenetic live performances and eye-wateringly tight trousers.


Given time this site will expand as Amy grows up. In the meantime; click the links, enjoy the music, Come on Feel the Fear.