09 August 2019:

New Song News Flash! Not a song that was easy to write but one we felt strongly compelled to create. Politicians thoughts and prayers don't amount to much when it's action that's required to make changes that could save lives. Click the link to hear Not Today, Never Again free and exclusive on Soundcloud now!

Not Today, Never Again

 13 July 2019: 

New Song News Flash! Back in her school daze when Amy first read George Orwell's '1984' she never dreamed it could all come so frighteningly true. Hit the link below to hear the Fear having a full-tilt new wave tantrum; experience Two Minutes Of Hate free and exclusive on Soundcloud now!

Two Minutes Of Hate


19 April 2019: 

It's good to be back! Amy Fear's first new song of 2019 is a skull-rush of glam-grunge guitars and pseudo-prog synths and it's available free and exclusive on Soundcloud now. Remember Fear Fans "dumb is never cute" so hit the link below to hear Kim N Kanye by Amy Fear!

Kim N Kanye 


 27 December 2018: 

Amy Fear's 4th album 'Beauty Sleep' can now be heard in it's entirety, free and exclusive on Soundcloud. Click the link below to listen or visit the Albums page of this site for a full list of Amy Fear LPs with accompanying links.

Beauty Sleep LP


-Former Glories: 


Herko Hits 30K:

Amy Fear's track 'Herko Out The Window' has proved hugely popular and has been played 30,000 times by listeners on Soundcloud. We would like to thank every one who has taken time to listen to, comment on or share the track wherever in the world you are.


Herko Out The Window--


From the Vault of Fear:

Click the MP3 Jukebox at the top of this page to hear an exclusive track by Amy Fear: 'Vampire Island' is an early recording that the band never finished entirely to their satisfaction so it joined a number of other demos and works-in-progress in the Vault of Fear. 


  Soundclouder of the Day: 

Amy Fear has been named as Soundclouder of the Day by the nice folks at Soundcloud.com. Thanks to everyone who has listened to our songs as a result and a big thank you to everyone at Soundcloud.

Soundclouder Of The Day/Amy Fear/tumblr